Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The luggage made it!

Yay! Our luggage made it. They delivered it this morning around 9. Guess that means we actually have to get up and get out of the pjs.

We are here

Just a quick note to let you know that we made it! Unfortunately, our luggage did not. It should be here tomorrow. They will deliver it to my apt.
Nann picked us up and took us to get something to eat. She also took us to Cora to do some grocery shopping. What a blessing she is!
Teri and I are at the apt. now and ready to do some horizontal sleeping.
More to come later.
Oh...Just as we were pulling into Cora my phone rang. It was Carmen, Nicolae's foster mom. I was shocked. They never call. However, they knew we would be here this evening. They called to say hi and to see when I could come and visit. They told me to please come Friday at 4. It was so nice to talk with Marius and especially with Nicolae. He said hi and good English oh and I love you very much.Happy Me....

Monday, January 28, 2008

On our way!

So, Teri and I are heading out tomorrow for Romania. Praise God for Teri's willingness to go and for being so willing to help me out.
Please pray that we will have a great flight, stay healthy(or in my case get healthy) and that we will have an incredible time together.Pray too for all that needs to happen with the adoption and that Teri will get lots of opportunities to spend time with her "new nephews".
What a huge blessing it has been to be home and I am so thankful that my parents are doing well. Dad is continuing to get better everyday and mom, even though she is very forgetful, is very healthy. Pam is continuing to do great as well. I am also so thankful for all the time I got to spend with my nephews, my brother Jack and of course Bev!
While it is hard to leave(again), I am looking forward to seeing Nicolae and Cristian. I am also looking forward to getting the rest of what needs to happen with the adoption "kicked out" so we can all be home together once and for all.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My doctor appointment update

I met with an orthopedic specialist today.(Dr. Whang) I feel so much better having met with him. He said that I don't need to have surgery and that my collar bone will heal on its on. It will just take time. He gave me a new brace too. It is a figure 8 brace that actually supports my shoulder and pulls my shoulder up and back He also gave me a sling to support the weight of my arm. What a difference.  I was so glad I went to him. He took time to explain my x-rays, how my bones will heal and what to expect. He also gave me a time frame of the whole process. It was so reassuring and gave me so much relief.
So, I am scheduled to leave for Romania next Tues. Teri is going with me and will stay with me for 3 weeks. I am so thankful for her willingness to go and help me out. 
Please continue to pray for my healing and that the adoption will happen soon. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I finally got a break!

Hi all,

I got a break! Just not the break I was hoping for. We all went skiing this weekend at Dodge. The whole family at the cabin before I headed back to Romania type weekend. Unfortunately on Sunday,while I was skiing, I fell and broke my collar bone and a rib. The ski patrol sent for an ambulance and got me on a IV right away.(pain medication). Then the ambulance took me to the hospital in Sonora. They gave me a brace to immobilize my shoulder. I have an appt. with my own doctor today. I want to be sure the brace is right etc.

So, yet again, my trip back to Romania has been postponed. I do plan on leaving this next Monday but, that depends on what happens at the doctors today. My sister Teri said that she will go with me to Romania and stay with me for a few weeks. She just retired from the military and luckily for me has the time to spend traveling right now. What a blessing. I need to get back and get things rolling again.

Please pray for me. The pain medication is so hard on my stomach. It makes me nauseated. Pray too that I will heal quickly. And that my adoption will move immediately once I get back.

Dad update: Dad is doing well! His last check up showed that his lungs have cleared up. Praise God. He is anemic though, which of course is a concern. Please continue praying for him.



Friday, January 11, 2008

Update on Dad

Dad is doing better! He looks lots better too. We found out that he actually has double pneumonia and will be in the hospital for another 4 or so days. Please continue praying for him.
Mom is doing well. Teri is staying with her, taking her to breakfast, walmarts, doughnuts and back and forth to the hospital. What a huge blessing it is to have Teri here taking care of mom. Teri definitely deserves to turn her Brownie pin right side up!

Pam is continuing to doing well. I even got her outside today for a walk. She spends her days eating like a bird and resting. Please continue praying that she won't have any complications and that her surgery will be all she has hoped it would be.

Me, I have canceled my Monday flight to Romania, but I am hoping to head out again around Jan. 25th.I will have a better idea after a few days. It will depend on how dad continues to do.

Thanks again for all your prayers!

The Wofford Gang at Christmas

Here is a group picture we took at Christmas. It was the only one that had all of us in it. Can you guess what Tomas got everyone for Christmas? It was one of our favorite gifts for sure.
Bev made Tomas' hat and the pillow he is holding. "Go Wofford"

Picture:L-R starting with the back row.
Bev, Jack
Daniel, Pam,Teri(covered up by my antlers...oops), mom and dad
Tomas and me.

It was a wonderful Christmas! On New Year's Eve we all got together again at my house. We played "Guesstures" like we always do. Jack wasn't able to be there, but Ann joined us. We weren't sure how mom would do this year, but she actually did really well. Lots of laughs, fun and great memories.
There is nothing better than spending time all together with those you love.
What a great holiday!