Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please Pray For Ann

This picture of Ann was taken in Santorini, Greece. We(Amy, Bev, Ann and I) took a "side trip" there when they were visiting me in Romania this summer.
Ann has been in excruciating pain these last couple of days. She has a cyst on her ovary. She is having surgery this Friday. Please pray for her, her doctors and for a quick recovery.
Please pray for her students at school too. School just started this week and having to be gone is not only stressful for Ann, but it is hard on her students as well.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Victor Gomoiu Hospital Kids - August 27th

I worked at Victor Gomoiu Hospital again today . I thought I'd send you some pictures of the kids in the big room.

Ionut is back. They moved him to another facility called Luminita. Please pray for him. He is so thin and you can tell he isn't feeling well.

Florica is walking now. She is so adorable. She is still in the step, step, step, hurry catch me...too late...fall stage. She is becoming more independent every day though.
She will be racing around with Nicusor soon.

Aristita is continuing to do well. She is developing just like other children her age. However, we are praying that she will be able to obtain a visa to the states soon, so she can get the surgery
that she needs.
She smiles all the time these days.

Nicusor wants to play with whatever you have. He doesn't care what it is...he wants it. He is after my camera in this picture.
Is is so adorable and handsome!

Larisa is a sweet little girl. She eats, poops
and sleeps. She loves the little baby swing.
And...she has such a wonderful smile.

Please keeps these children and all the other children at Victor Gomoiu in your prayers.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25, 2007

Just me trying to see if this works.

My Blog....August 25, 2007

Hi everybody, if this gets sent twice, I apologize. Still trying to figure it out.
I am trying something new...Blogging. I think it will be a great new way to get updates from me while I am here in Romania.
I have included some pictures and I even included a video. Technology is amazing.
Dan, a friend of mine, spent lots of time yesterday helping me get started. Thanks Dan!

Family update:

It has been about 4 months now since my mom's emergency surgery. She is doing very well. This picture was taken just a couple of days after she got out of the hospital. We are eating out at our Friday night stomping grounds...Orient House. Big Surprise

Bev got glasses. These are just one of the many she "tried out" before making her decision. Hey, it is her first pair! The pair she ended up with are like these only black. Hey Bev, can you see me now?

Tomas is headed to Wofford College in South Carolina. He left yesterday. I am so proud of him. Please keep him in your prayers. We will miss you Tomas. How lucky S.Carolina is to meet you! I love you!

Daniel graduated from Jr.High with honors and has already gotten A's in his first two classes of high school. He took summer courses.
He played percussion for MoBand this summer and is now practicing hard with the Beyer Band. I just watched his first "marching show" this morning via skype. You are amazing Daniel! I love you!

Summer, spring, fall or during the cold of winter, Pam is still up for a good book. I think she is reading, "How to survive without Tomas". She is in S.Carolina right now helping him get situated at Wofford. Pray for her. Having Tomas away at school will be a big change!

Disneyland is still the happiest place on earth. Especially when Teri is there with us. Go Mickey!

Teri will be retiring for the Navy soon. So, we will get to see
more often. Yea!!!

Dad is doing well. He spends his days chauffeuring mom around and making sure all of us are doing well. He is still the best dad ever. Even better than Mickey!

Jack is living up at Miwuk. He has been busy recently redoing the deck at our cabin. Thanks Jack!
Troy just arrived back home today from another Yosemite tour. Tomas and Pam will be staying with Troy and Lisa until Tomas' schools starts.Keep your eyes open for Troy in the new George Clooney movie"Leatherheads". Troy is the team photographer. Click

Me, I am still in Romania trying to adopt Nicolae and Cristian. I spend my time taking Romanian lessons, visiting with Nicolae(and Cristian...hopefully soon), helping out with Sunday school classes, and working at the hospital. I will start teaching Luiza and Brennan reading again in Sept.
I know this blog was a long one, but it just goes to show how much I have to be thankful for.
I have a wonderful family. I look forward to the day when Nicolae and Cristian can finally meet them.
Please let me know what you think of the new email format.