Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi To Our Romania Friends!

Hi to all of you. We have no idea who Patrusa is. We all had a great laugh when we looked back at the video. Shout out to Rebecca twice too. To any names we left out...sorry. 
We love all of you.
Hope you enjoy the boys song....Crazy Moose
Nicolae, Cristian and Debbie

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A moment in my life

S0, I'm sitting in the ski lodge, so wishing my wrist wasn't broken, watching Nicolae and Cristian getting ready to load onto the ski lift. Cristi takes a "digger" The lift operator helps him get up and onto the chair. So adorable to watch. I can only imagine what Bev and Cristian are talking about as they head up the mountain. Nicolae and Ann are close behind. I wonder what they are talking about as well.

When Nicolae skis, he has the classic chicken wing look...hands on his hips, elbows out. Cristi keeps his arms straight,  about 45 degrees out from his sides.

Spotting them is a little challenging as times, but the fact that they have a big person skiing close by, makes it easier for me to find them. I thought their jackets would be an easy way to figure out where they are, but telling one little dark shadow from another is tricky.

While sitting here, I catch myself smiling, laughing out loud and having tearful moments of joy as I watch my boys skiing and enjoying themselves. Thank you Lord for this amazing blessing! It is so surreal. I am sure the people around me are thinking,"what is up with her?", but I quickly let that thought disappear and continue looking across the snow at my two precious little boys...What a wonderful moment.